BPM Simplified

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Thoughts from Terry Schurter…

What BPM currently means to you may differ significantly from what it means to the next person.
In my view, BPM is really about people and content. In fact, content is the very heart of BPM, while people are its soul. I'll go so far as to say that if people and content aren't both in a given process, then it's not a business process. Business processes are nothing more or less than the interactions that occur between people, and between people and content.
Now if we accept this definition of BPM, then it seems as if BPM should work for everyone. After all, every business has people and every business has content.
My Thoughts…
I believe that Terry has it right.
I have always said that a company is a collection of processes.  Or, as Terry might say, it is a collection of interactions that occur between people, and between people and content.
If your company provides goods, the process starts with an idea for a product. Engineers work on that idea to see if they can bring it to life.  Manufacturing engineers manufacture the product. Marketers develop a sales story for the product. Salespeople sell the product.  Finance collects the cash.  Etc.  Content is developed [changed] through interactions between people.  And, that content is used throughout the manufacturing process.
If your company provides services, they will have a process for providing services. They may even have a process for a specific service.  Still, the services consist of interactions between people. The end deliverable is most often written up [as content].
If your objective in 2011 is to increase business, how can you improve these processes to position your company as the best one to do business with?
One way is to become more Effective and more Efficient in how your people interact with each other, with the customer and with content. This should lower costs and lead to increased revenues, and improve customer relationships. It can differentiate you from your competitors. It can be the key that allows your company to break out as the market leader [increased market share]. 
Your Thoughts…
What steps has your company taken to be a market leader?