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BPM Successes

From an AIIM Industry Watch report…

BPM has an excellent track record of investment return largely achieved by changing and re-shaping business processes for higher performance.

Here are some of their key findings:

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Building a Case for BPM

From a CIO.com article…

Building a case for BPM

First, you need to analyze the opportunities within your particular organization to determine if BPM will help or just add to the confusion and legacy burden. Remember, BPM is an approach to solving these problems and will likely outlive a particular vendor's platform in your organization.

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Implementing BPM

From a CIO.com article…

What is involved in implementing BPM?

Similar to other software implementations, BPM requires both business and technical resources and activities. Effective BPM is based on an ongoing iterative design/develop/deliver process improvement lifecycle.

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BPM Creates Value

More and more organizational leaders are realizing that business process management [BPM] creates a significant competitive advantage. According to Gartner, BPM is one of the fasted growing segments in software, and is predicted to remain so during the next 5 years. 

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BPM Success Factors

From the Institute for Process Innovation…

As a result of their research, they have identified critical success factors and implementation approaches for BPM. They say that the most important influences in BPM from a management perspective are total quality management [TQM] and business process re-engineering.

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BPM Business Benefit

From a Ziff Davis 'BPM Kit'...

Decreased Costs

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Effective Process Management

More from Dan Morris...

Companies function through their processes. Processes operate as directed by business rules. Any company's ability to operate effectively is a direct result of good processes and rules. But, today an additional element must be thrown into this mix. That is the ability to absorb and adjust to change quickly.
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A Case for BPM

Recently, Dan Morris wrote…

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Process Management & Business Intelligence

Bill Gassman spoke at a Gartner BPM Seminar on the value of bringing Business Intelligence, Business Activity Monitoring and Business Process Management together.

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Stepping Out of the Recession

From ‘Performance Management in the Midmarket’ by the Aberdeen Group...

During the current economic downturn, Businesses are feeling pressure to access, review, analyze and act upon events and information in order to become more agile as they work to meet day-to-day operational and financial performance goals.

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